2019 - 2020  Season Tournament Rules




The following rules supersede or supplement the official rules of the United States Bowling Congress:

1.       All Rhode Island USBC Youth Association Youth members in good standing are eligible for all Rhode Island USBC Youth Association Tournaments


2.     Tournament management consists of the Tournament Director and any members of the Rhode Island USBC Youth Association Board of Directors present.  The Tournament Director presides at all tournaments.


3.       Tournament entry fee is $10.00 per bowler.

                  Lineage - $6.00 ($2.00 per game) per bowler

                  Awards -  $4.00 per bowler


4.       Entry fees are non-refundable.


5.       Each bowler’s entering average will be his or her previous season’s highest average from the Rhode Island USBC Youth Association average book (only if for 21 or more games) unless the bowler’s current season average (only if 12 games or more) is 10 or more pins greater, in which case the current season’s average must be used.  If a bowler’s previous and current season average fail to meet the above qualifications, the bowler must bowl scratch. Travel League averages will not be considered for RIUSBC Youth Association Tournaments.


6.       The division in which a bowler competes is determined as follows:

In the singles event, bowlers must compete in one of these divisions, based upon their age through July 31st of the season’s starting year (i.e. as of August 1st):

Bantam                  8  years of age and under

Prep                       9 through 11 years of age

Junior                    12 through 14 years of age

Major                     15 through 20 years of age


In the doubles and Team events, all bowlers on the team bowl in the division of the oldest member of the team (boy or girl) according to the above list.

        In the Adult/Child Tournament, the division will be determined by the average of the Youth bowler.  The established divisions are:



90 or less

 91 through 120

121 through 150

151 or more


7.       The State Singles, State Doubles, State Adult/Child and State Team Tournaments are sanctioned handicap events.


8.       Each bowler’s handicap is to be 100% of the difference between the bowler’s average and 210, using their entering average (according to rule #5) to determine their handicap. 


9.       All entries must be turned in to the Tournament Manager at the designated meeting scheduled for each tournament.  Absolutely no entries will be accepted after the closing date.  Closing date for all Rhode Island USBC Youth Association State Tournaments will be prior to the last squad scheduled to bowl. ALL ENTRIES MUST BE PAID IN FULL BEFORE THE BOWLERS SQUAD.









2019 - 2020  Season Tournament Rules





10.   All entries must be submitted on standard entry forms.  Separate forms must be submitted for each division.  If a league is split into multiple squads, a separate form must be submitted for each division for each squad.


11.   A bowler may have only one entry per sanctioned league of which they are a member in good standing. With the exception of the Adult/Child Tournament,  A bowler may bowl in more than one squad only if acting as a substitute in the Doubles or Team event. Team re-entries will not be allowed.  For the Adult/Child Tournament scores for a bowler, Youth or adult, may be applied to more than one team provided that a separate entry fee of $3.00 is paid for the additional bowlers for each team and all teams to which the scores are applied bowl during the same squad.  For the Adult/Child Tournament individual re-entries will be allowed. The Fee for Bumper Bowlers is $6.00 per entrant.


12.   Check-in time is ˝ hour prior to the scheduled starting time of the tournament squad.  Any bowler arriving after that time may be subject to replacement at the discretion of tournament management.  Each junior bowler must personally check-in prior to the tournament squad.


13.   Substitutes are allowed with the following restrictions:


Tournament management prior to the tournament squad can only assign substitutes.

No more than 50% of the bowlers on a Doubles team and 75% of Teams  entry may be substituted .

Substitutes will be made at the discretion of the respective bowlers head coach or representative.

Substitutions must be made in writing on standard entry forms.

Substitutes must be paid for by the house they are filling a spot for.


14.   To accommodate weather, traffic conditions and other extenuating circumstances, tournament management may choose to delay the starting time of any tournament.


15.   Any bowler arriving after the tournament squad has started will receive a zero for each frame missed.  A frame is considered missed if the bowler is unprepared to bowl at his or her turn.  USBC Youth Association  rule #322a applies.


16.   Foul lines will be active and used during all tournament squads.  All USBC Youth Association rules regarding fouls apply.


17.   Only tournament officials, scorekeepers and competing bowlers are allowed in the settee area, at the scoring tables and on the approaches.


18.   Coaching is allowed only in the concourse area.  Handling and rolling of bowling balls on the concourse is not allowed.  No coaching will be allowed while the bowler is in the settee area or on the approach.


19.   Mistakes, discrepancies and disputes regarding scores are to be brought to the attention of tournament management immediately. No adjustments to handicap or scores may be made by other than a tournament official.  Failure to observe this rule may result in disqualification of all bowlers involved, at the discretion of tournament management. 


20.   With the exception of the Adult/Child Tournament, No bowler may receive more than (1) one award in a tournament.  If a bowler qualifies for more than one award, the bowler will be awarded the award listed highest in Rule #21.  In the event of a tie for any award, multiple awards will be given.











2019 - 2020  Season Tournament Rules





21.   Tournament entrants may qualify for Achievement Certificates based on the following schedule:


High Scratch Series, Boys & Girls, for each division: Bantam, Prep, Junior and Major

High Scratch Game, Boys & Girls, for each division: Bantam, Prep, Junior and Major

High Handicap Series, Boys & Girls, for each division: Bantam, Prep, Junior and Major

High Handicap Game, Boys & Girls, for each division: Bantam, Prep, Junior and Major

Scratch awards take precedence over Handicap awards.

        No individual awards will be distributed for the Adult/Child Tournament.


22.   Awards for all tournaments will be distributed at the  Rhode Island USBC Youth Association annual awards banquet.


23.   An all events winner will be determined from all bowlers that participate in all three junior events.  Bowlers will receive awards for highest overall cumulative (total of all three junior events) series for handicap and scratch, boy and girl, in each division: Bantam, Prep, Junior and Major.


24.   Awards for order of finish will be given to one out of every six entrants or minor fraction thereof, counted separately for each of the eight divisions.  In the Doubles event, each pair is considered one entrant.  In the Team event, each team is considered one entrant.  For the Adult/Child Tournament awards for order of finish will be given out to one out of every eight entrants or minor fraction thereof.  Awards will be given out to both participants of an Adult/Child Team.


25.   The Head Coach for each league entered in the tournament is responsible for submitting USBC Youth Association awards applications for any qualifying games bowled by entrants from their league within 10 days of the last tournament squad.


26.   Tournament management will administer and oversee each tournament and enforce all applicable rules.  The Tournament Director has overall responsibility for tournament operation.  Decisions made by tournament management are final.  Any protests must be filed as directed in USBC Youth Association rule #329.


27   Bowlers are required to wear appropriate attire as determined by the League Board of Directors

       And are to wear bowling shirts when provided while bowling.  No hats or head coverings will be worn.


28.  No smoking, eating, drinking, or use of Baby Powder will be allowed in the settee area by bowlers, 

       Scorekeepers or coaches.


29.  Engaging in improper tactics or conduct in connection with the game of bowling, including but not

      Limited to, physical and verbal abuse toward other persons will be considered unfair tactics and league

      Membership may be suspended or denied.


30.  If Lane Marshals are appointed by tournament management, they will have the authority to suspend 

      Bowling and defer judgment to the Tournament Director.


31.  Bowlers will be allowed 5 minutes of practice, when designated, before the start of each tournament.