2019 – 2020  Rhode Island USBC Youth Travel

                                                                League By-Laws


The RI USBC Youth Travel League (hereafter referred to as the league) will bowl as scheduled promptly at 2:00 pm.  Check in begin promptly at 1:15 pm and will last until 1:45 pm.  The league is sanctioned by the Rhode Island USBC. 




League officers will consist of league supervisor, league official, league president, league vice president, league secretary treasurer, association president, association vice president, association secretary and association treasurer.  League officers will be elected from the membership.  No league sessions will be conducted without at least one league official present.  In the event that at least one league official is not present the league session will be postponed.




The Travel League is open to all sanctioned Junior Division (12 years of age or older as of August 1, 2019)  bowlers within the Association. 




Handicap will be based on 90% of the difference between the bowler’s average and 210.


Rule 4. FEES


Rule 4a. Fees will be $14 per team per session.

Rule 4b. Linage will be waived by each respective host house.




Teams for each session will consist of a maximum of seven (7) bowlers with five (5) competing during any one (1) game.

Rule 5a.  Bowlers may be substituted after each game.

Rule 5b. Substitutions are made at the discretion of each individual league coach and/or captain.

Rule 5c. Three (3) bowlers and a responsible coach present at the start time will constitute as a legal line-up.

Rule 5d. Two (2) teams can be submitted from each junior program in the jurisdiction of the Rhode Island, USBC, although it is not mandatory. Each team’s roster will be set before the beginning of the first travel match. Each house that has 2 teams have must 5 bowlers designated as “starters”on the roster. The 5 starters can NOT be moved between the house’s teams during the season. Players that are listed as alternates can move between the house’s 2 teams.

Rule 5e. In the event of an odd number of teams, the team present must bowl a score greater than their respective average plus handicap minus ten (10) pins for each bowler present.  The vacancy team will not acquire wins and losses.

Rule 5f. In the event a team fails to show up or fails to field a legal line-up, the team present must bowl a score greater than their respective average plus handicap minus ten (10) pins for each bowler present.  The team not present will automatically be credited with five (5) point lost.


Rule 5g. In the event that a team line-up is submitted that contains an ineligible bowler, all games bowled with this line-up will be forfeited.

Rule 5h. The number of teams scheduled will be based on the number of teams participating.

Rule 5i. Every bowler on the official team roster for a session must bowl at least one (1) game during the session.  This does not include the baker game.

Rule 5j. In the event of an emergency or to maintain a legal line-up, bowlers can be loaned from one house to another in order to fill vacancies on a roster provided that the lending house maintains a full roster.  The lending team must maintain a legal line-up.




A vacancy score of 140 plus handicap of 63 will be used for each bowler not present in the event a team does not have a full five (5) man line-up and does not “borrow” a bowler.




Rule 7a. League bowlers will use their previous seasons Travel League Average.  Otherwise they will use their highest RI USBC Average Book Average (21 games or more) unless the highest current house league average (12 games or more) is 10 pins greater for an average until a league average is established.

Rule 7b. Bowlers will establish a league average after six (6) games and must have six (6) games to be eligible to bowl in the championship match.

Rule 7c. A current highlighted house league standing sheet must be provided for average verification.  If proof is not provided, the bowler will bowl scratch.

Rule 7d. Check in will be from 1:15 pm – 1:45 pm.  In the event that a team does not have their average submitted by 1:45 pm, the team will have to bowl scratch.

Rule 7d. League averages will NOT be submitted to the state average book.


Rule 8. FORMAT


Rule 8a. Three (3) regulation games will be bowled each session.  One (1) point will be awarded for each regulation game won.  One (1) point will be awarded for high handicap series.

Rule 8b. One (1) Baker System Game will be played each session. One (1) point will be awarded for the Baker System Game.  In the event the team has less than five (5) bowlers present for the Baker game, fourteen (14) pins will be scored per frame for two (2) frames for each missing bowler plus 1/10th handicap.  The score will be placed in the first frames of the game.

Rule 8c. Five (5) points are the maximum number of points per team per session.

Rule 8d. In the event of a tie, a baker game roll-off will be conducted immediately following with the current roster of players used that day in determining the league champion, based on total pins plus handicap.

Rule 8e. All bowlers on the current session’s league roster may not practice in any way once the league session has begun.


Rule 8g. Handicaps must be entered into the scoring system and be written on the recap sheets.


Rule 9. AWARDS


Rule 9a. A bowler must participate in six (6) of the scheduled games to be eligible for individual awards.  League averages do not count toward state awards.

Rule 9b. A bowler must participate in nine (9) of the scheduled games to be eligible for individual high average.

Rule 9c. League awards will consist of league champion, league 2nd place, high team game – scratch and handicap, high team series – scratch and handicap, high average – male and female, high series scratch – male and female, high game scratch – male and female, high series handicap – male and female, high game handicap – male and female.

Rule 9d. A team or individual will only be eligible for one award.

Rule 9c. At the last league session, each team will be asked to submit the names of one (1) male and one (1) female bowler (from another house other than your own) and one (1) team that demonstrated the best sportsmanship during the league.  One (1) male and one (1) female will be awarded the league individual sportsmanship award.  The team will be awarded the league team sportsmanship award.  These awards are independent of any other league awards and can be received in addition to another league award.

Rule 9d. The League Championship Trophy will be a 'travelling' trophy.  Each season a plate engraved with the championship team will be added to the base of trophy.  The trophy will be presented to the league champion at the awards banquet and will be displayed in the champion's bowling center for the upcoming season.  It will be returned to the league board for inscription no later than the last week of the season.

  1. In the event that the trophy is lost by any one house, the house/team will be responsible for replacing it. All awards will be awarded at the state awards banquet. 


Rule 10. CONDUCT


Rule 10a.  Engaging in improper tactics or conduct in the connection with the game of bowling, including but not limited to, physical and verbal abuse toward other persons will be considered unfair tactics and league membership may be suspended or denied.

Rule 10b. Bowlers are required to wear appropriate attire as determined by the league board of directors and are to wear bowling shirts when provided while bowling.  No hats or head coverings will be worn during league play.

Rule 10c. All bowlers must remain inside the bowling center during the league competition, unless authorization is provided by a league official.

Rule 10d. No smoking, eating, drinking or use of baby powder will be allowed in the settee area by bowlers, scorekeepers or coaches.

Rule 10e. Only league officials, scorekeepers and competing bowlers are allowed in the settee area, at scoring tables and on the approaches.

Rule 10f. Coaching is not allowed in the bowling area, this includes the settee area and the approach.  All coaching must be conducted on the concourse.  Rolling of bowling balls on the concourse is not allowed.



In league play:

1. Scores must be recorded on a score sheet in plain view of opposing players.

2. Every frame bowled by each player shall be recorded.

3. Each team shall record the scores of each game in a scorebook kept by the team captain or someone appointed by the captain for this purpose.

4. The score sheet is the official record, and the team scorebooks must agree with the score sheet at the end of each game.

5. After the scorebooks are verified and signed by the opposing team captains, they are the league’s official record for the season.

6. Errors in scoring or calculation must be corrected by a league officer immediately upon discovery. Any questionable errors in scoring or calculation shall be decided by the league board.





Final week assignments will follow a position round schedule. In the event that the First Place team has that position secured, the First Place team will play the Last Place team and the remaining teams will follow the position round schedule.